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M O N T H L Y  S P E C I A L - B E S T  F I L M S  O F  0 0 ' S

1. Angelo Badalamenti - Jitterbug (From Mulholland Drive)

2. The Mutato Muzika Orchestra - Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Minor (From The Royal Tenenbaums)

3. Joe Hisaishi - Procession of the Spirits (From Spirited Away)

4. Rolfe Kent - Picnic (From Sideways)

5. Funkadelic - A Joyful Process (From Coffee and Cigarettes)

6. Mulatu Astatke - Yegelle Tezeta (From Broken Flowers)

7. Wilson Simonal - Nem Vem Que Nao Tem (From City of God)

8. Sergio Mendes - Roda (From Superbad)

9. Bert Kaempfert - Afrikaan Beat (From About Schmidt)

10. Tosca Tango Orchestra - El Cholulu (From Waking Life)

11. Mathiew Herkowitz - Jazzy Bach (From the Triplets of Belleville)

12. Nina Simone - Just In Time (From Before Sunset)

13. Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry (From Tape)

14. Nancy Adams - Love (From Fantastic Mr Fox)

15. Nick Drake - One Of These Things First (From Garden State)

16. The Rolling Stones - Play With Fire

17. Hugo Winterhalter - Moonlight In Vermont (The Man Who Wasn't There)

18. David Julyan - The Fact/Tattoos (From Memento)

19. Carter Burwell - Blood Trails (From No Country For Old Men)

20. Michael Andrews - Philosophy Of Time Travel (From Donnie Darko)

21. David Shire - Dare To Dream (From Zodiac)

22. Clint Marshall - The Wrestler (From The Wrester)

23. Death In Vegas - Girls (From Lost In Translation)

24. Ethan Rose - Song Two (From Paranoid Park)

25. Atmos - (From Cache)








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