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B E S T  M U S I C  O F  2 0 1 5 :



B E S T  S I N G L E .

T O R O  Y  M O I  -  ' L I L L Y '


It seems Indie Rock these days is so few and far between in terms of quality it's become increasingly difficult to find the cream of the crop but this single from Toro Y Moi (who has been pretty consistent when it comes to putting out solid output) latest album 'What For?' was a real highlight.







B E S T   E P .

M A T H S  T I M E   J O Y -  ' S A N C T U A R Y '


B E S T   A L B U M  .

K E N D R I C K  L A M A R - ' T O  P I M P  A  B U T T E R F  L Y '

When we were thinking of the best EP's that we heard this year, Sanctuary by Maths Time Joy was the first thing that came to mind simply because it's so hard to pick out a stand out track. Every track has it's own mood and personality no doubt helped by the special guests on here, but it flows so nicely and is just such a joyful, solid listen.








An obvious choice as this must be on most lists, but the winner has to be 'To Pimp A Butterfly'. This is most definitely head and shoulders above the rest in 2015 and will easily be one of the best and most defining albums of the decade. It's a album that demands a lot from you, it's intense, brash and self destructs every time you start to feel any sort of comfort. It's epic and grandeur nature is often dizzying as the album can spiral into hard be-bop jazz to experimental electronic cuts with Spanish dialogue panning from ear to ear and not to mention a poem that he reads to a old audio interview with 2pac. There is so much originality and detail in here, Kendrick has raised the bar for not just what a Hip-Hop album can be, but shines a light for any ambitious artist aiming to create something powerful and unique.






B E S T   V I D E O  .

D R A K E - ' H O T L I N E  B L I N G '


The gigantic smash hit from arguably the biggest star on the planet; Hotline Bling was an instant classic and Director X (who also directed our second favourite video of 2015, Kendrick Lamars 'King Kuta') made sure he delivered a classic video to match. Equal parts campy as it is slick and modern is no mean feat. It was easily the most talked about video this year and went viral launching Memes, Gifs, Vines and everything else kids do these days.





B E S T  C L U B  T R A C K .

H I D D E N  S P H E R E S -  ' W A I T I N G '


Taken from the incredible 4 track EP of the same name this is lovely, swirly, progressive, soulful House, just as it should be! From London's Lobster Theremin who look to have a busy 2016 and have hands down the best record label logo right now.






B E S T   E D I T  .

P E T U L A  C L A R K -  ' I ' M  N O T  I N  L O V E ' 

L U X X U R Y  E D I T


It's all about the groove, groove, groove in this bouncy, fun and DJ friendly edit of Petula Clark's “I'm Not In Love” (originally a cover of 10cc's smash hit of the same name.) There are many, many great people making Edits of Disco records, Kon, Sanfrandisko, The Reflex, to name a few, but this one really jumped out especially as we had never heard the Petula Clark original.






B E S T   R E M I X .

C A N ' T  F O R G E T - P H O T A Y  R E M I X

The Meaning EP from Rights is a solid offering in itself but the the final moment a remix of 'Can't Forget' from Photay really stood out as one of the most original and wonderfully chaotic offerings this year. The detailed drums bring so much energy and power to a track that constantly moves forward with pace and precision in Photay's warped sonic world.








B E S T  L A B E L .

A S T R O  N A U T I C O

New York City based Astro Nautico really grabbed our attention with the release of the fore-mentioned Photay with his excellent debut album last year and have put out some great stuff since. Some of our favourites from Astro Nautico this year have included releases by Xan Young, Dap Hound, Magical Mistakes and Time Wharp. We cant wait for what weird and wonderful goodies they will bring in 2016!



B E S T   D I S C O V E R Y  .

H I R O S H I  S A T O  - ' K A L I M B A   L I G H T '

Taken from Japanese artist Hiroshi Sato's 1979 Orient LP, Not sure how we found this but It has been a beautiful discovery and was reissued last year on Kitty Records. What can only be described as Electronic Jazz sounds way ahead of its time and I can only imagine what other gems are lurking across the many corners of Japan.







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