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M O N T H L Y  M I X E S . N O V E M B E R  1 6

1. From Another World, Silver Jackson 2. Lady, eBone Underground 3. The Glue, Xiomara 4. Halfway, Xiomara 5. Stuck, Oshun 6. Tribe Called Love, Echo 7. Blessings, Chance The Rapper 8. Diddy Bop, Noname 9. Weight, CohenBeats 10. movinglike, FRIS 11. Incredible Pt.2 (I Know), Micki Miller 12. Architect Of Heartbreak, Witch Prophet 13. Lyk Dis, NxWorries 14. El Green, Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity 15. Hologram, Diamond District 16. Solid Gold, Darkhouse Family 17. Riso, Alter ID 18. asHºK∆, Knxwledge 19. Mike Vick, RAJA 20. Treedom, The Peoples Tree 21. The Shining, Diamond District
22. Floating to Nowhere, Lando Chill 23. Unenamored, Lando Chill 24. Clouds, Big Hongry 25. The Noisy Eater, The Avalanches 26. 22on10 (rmx) byCALiENS 27. (star)ving, CALiENS 28. Master Plan, Ivy Sole 29. Cloud Kickin', Ivy Sole 30. The Shining Pt.1 (Diamonds), J Dilla 31. That's My Shit, The Dream 32. Oh Boy, Cam'Ron 33. Oh Boy, Ivy Lab 34. Little Bit of This, GTA 35. Dang!, Mac Miller 36. Negative View Of Hatred, Mas Kohane aka M.Crumbs 37. Residual Tingles, The Gaslamp Killer 38. A Better Place, Clipping.


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